Blowout: The next-generation platform for socializing

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With India’s largest technology firms entering their global peers in top earnings estimates, analysts are turning highly optimistic on the prospects of the sector. India’s $181 billion tech industry is benefiting from rising demand for digital services as the Coronavirus pandemic accelerates the global transition to automation, with analysts citing solid transaction pipelines, upbeat management guidelines, and In the last decade, the special events market has expanded exponentially. Spending on special events globally is $500 billion annually, according to a new analysis undertaken by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional).

Laying stone base 

Manit Kaushal is a 20-year-old computer science student. He was educated at Libertyville High School and graduated from Purdue University, USA. Since a young age, he has worked with more than 5-6 global businesses, including several top 50 fortune businesses such as State Farm. At 16, Manit began his first start-up, helping users interact with similar ambitions and dreams and increasing it to 30,000 users before selling the proprietary technology in India. Manit has recently begun working on  his second company: Blowout Technologies, which offers a mobile application platform Blowout (website:

Founder – Manit Kaushal

Blowout: shaping ties 

To make your college and life enjoyable, Blowout is a Social Media Networking app. Many networks have not been able to address a significant connectivity void here. They want to be the real long-term alternative that revolutionizes how students handle their social life. They have incorporated event scheduling and monitoring and create a one-stop-destination for social groups to gather, plan and implement every aspect of what they do. You can discover activities around you, incorporate events, attend even It’s time to end the chain now. It’s time for ‘healthy socialization.’

Logo – Blowout

The original concept of the business was to create a forum for learners to locate parties and other local activities around them instead of wasting paper flyers/posters to advertise events. For each case, the app created a community chat where after the event the conversations are removed so that users do not have to think about building and removing fresh groups for any hangout they schedule.

Catering conditions of young people 

To gain positive feedback, Blowout Technology released a beta version in October 2020 to more than a thousand consumers. The company wanted to expand and provide the service with all the supportive feedback and create an encrypted and stable forum where organizations/students/faculty can create communities and exchange files via chats and much more. The business released its version 1 on December 22nd, 2020, and has expanded into over 10 universities with thousands of users in India, Canada, and the US. In the future, the business aims to expand worldwide and provide students with more resources, especially a peer-to-peer money transfer feature in the coming year or two. 


To expand the platform and sell it better, Blowout has achieved about 25 Lakhs INR of investment from angel investors and Kickstarter rounds in the US and Canada for its seed round. Initially, the initial investment of founder Manit Kaushal to grow the website and market it best among universities was about 7.5 Lakhs INR. As it has not been long since the introduction of the platform, the company prioritizes the development of the product and customers over existing revenues. Nevertheless, they intend to introduce several features to build a window for the business to start earning their earnings in the coming weeks. According to the calculated estimations, the company plans to meet its breakthrough by the end of quarter 3 of year 1.

Development in the future 

The business works on making the app easier for consumers and educating them. By the end of year one, Blowout plans to reach more than 100 colleges. In the future, the business aims to expand worldwide and provide students with more resources, especially a peer-to-peer money transfer feature in the coming year or two. The business plans to expand internationally and is planning to sell its IPO in the next five years on the American stock exchange.