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This Bengaluru Startup Delivering Cannabis Products To Your Doorsteps

Launched in 2023, Calmosis is an Ayurveda-based wellness startup providing high-speed doorstep delivery of 100% natural-organic cannabis extract/oil to address your stress and sleep issues in our fast-paced lives.

By Rashaad Ather
New Update
Calmosis Founder

We've all heard stories of people purchasing cannabis or weed or marijuana on social media in India, haven't we? 

Some of us may have even made online purchases before. Surprisingly, many aren't aware that buying, selling, and using cannabis has been banned in India since 1985. 

However, individuals with specific health issues are permitted to use cannabis oil in India.

Activists have been fighting for years advocating its use for medicinal reasons. The taboo behind cannabis is allowing dealers, criminals, and gangsters a free runway to supply ganja to the Indian youth.

As a result, the government began discussing the issue in 2020. 

In 2022, India relaxed its laws on cannabis, allowing vendors to sell it exclusively for medicinal purposes based on a condition and scientific research.

The research suggests that the medicinal use of cannabis has been mentioned in India’s ancient texts, and validates its benefits to patients.

And, the vendors must demand prescriptions signed by an Ayurvedic doctor to sell cannabis to a patient.

This Bangalore-based wellness startup is making it possible for needy cannabis users.

Launched in 2023, Calmosis is an Ayurveda-based wellness startup providing high-speed doorstep delivery of 100% natural-organic cannabis extract/oil to address your stress and sleep issues in our fast-paced lives.

The best part is, that it’s completely legal to travel with Calmosis’ cannabis products across the country.

Startup Pedia felt privileged to hear Calmosis’ inspiring story from its co-founders Karan Naidu and Praveen Singh Rajput as they gracefully came forward to discuss it.

The origin story:

Karan, an IT graduate, got the idea during his mother’s health treatments, where medicinal cannabis proved to be immensely effective. 

“My mom struggled with sleep problems and regularly took allopathic pills to help her sleep. What struck me was that these pills seemed to artificially induce sleep by boosting melatonin levels in her body”, Karan shared with Startup Pedia.

However, he explains that Calmosis is completely safe; it naturally induces sleep and organically elevates one from migraines and headaches.

“But what makes our cannabis different is that it just makes your mind calm because everyone nowadays has a restless mind; people have a very short attention span…so, cannabis just calms the mind; it relaxes you completely, so the by-product is nothing but you falling asleep”: added the Bangalore-based entrepreneur.

Calmosis Product

Calmosis Product

Founder background:

Karan Naidu, who is a BMS College of Engineering,(BMSCE) graduate currently based in Bangalore, has invested heavily in building Calmosis.

Co-founder Praveen, a serial entrepreneur and author, runs a gifting marketplace startup FRINZA. He completed his MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore.

Calmosis Products:

Calmosis offers two products for you to select from:

Peace Mantra (20 ml for Rs 4500): It’s a clinically tested, and AYUSH ministry-approved product with over 100 + cannabinoids, including CBD and THC that soothes stress & Anxiety, curbs migraine and relieves pain within 30 minutes. Also, it promotes sexual wellness.

Sleep Mantra (20 ml for Rs 4500): It’s a clinically tested, AYUSH ministry-approved CBD-enriched non-psychoactive product that promotes restful sleep by eliminating insomnia within 30 minutes.

Talking about the benefits of the products, Karan shared that it’s not a mere product to ease off your edginess.

“We’re a full-spectrum cannabis…it’s about relaxation, stress reliever, calmness…and most used cases are better sleep, menstrual pain relief, migraine, anxiety, epilepsy, etc”, said the young entrepreneur.

He also revealed the demand for their product online.

“We started the company just 6 months ago…and now we have crossed over 1000 pre-orders on our first day of listing, and ever since then it’s going well”

Calmosis 'Sleep Mantra' Product

Calmosis 'Sleep Mantra' Product

How to order cannabis from Calmosis?

  1. Visit https://www.calmosis.com/ and log in by generating OTP on your mobile phone. 
  2. Once you complete the login process, go to the “Shop” option. 
  3. The main screen will show the two available products (Sleep Mantra and Peace Mantra).
  4. Add the product you want to your cart, and make the payment.
  5. Once you have confirmed your order, the Calmosis doctor will soon connect with you over the phone to ensure no medical complications are involved. 
  6. The prescription will be uploaded on the Calmosis website in the 'my prescriptions' section and a copy will be mailed to you.
  7. Your cannabis product will be home-delivered in a matter of days.

Calmosis Product

Calmosis Product

What’s next for Calmosis?

About the goals of the Bangalore-based company, Karan revealed that more wellness products are scheduled to be introduced in a few months.

“In the future, we’re going to launch more wellness products. The next set of products will be for period pain, and CBD oils for dogs to help them calm down against noise created by crackers, and construction”, Karan told Startup Pedia.

As a global brand from India, Calmosis also plans to cater to the US, Europe, and South East Asian markets.


Does cannabis mean ‘ganja’?

Cannabis is used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. In India, cannabis is called ganja, but it's mostly used for recreation. Cannabis is a natural medicine and has no known toxic side effects. Its leaves can be extracted for medicinal purposes.

Is Cannabis a part of Indian Ayurvedic culture?

Cannabis is one of the 5 secret plants mentioned in the Vedic texts alongside Neem, Tulsi, Sandal, and Jasmin. Cannabis has been used historically to reduce stress.

What is cannabis made of?  

Cannabis contains CBD and THC, for therapeutic effects. CBD, with low psychotropic impact, aids in pain relief, inflammation reduction, and alleviating symptoms like migraines, anxiety, and seizures. THC, the main psychoactive compound, induces the 'high' effect.

Are cannabis and its products legal in India? 

Since 1985, possessing these substances has been a criminal offense, with serious legal repercussions. However, states like Odisha permit cannabis use, while Uttarakhand allows commercial hemp cultivation. Medicinal cannabis is legal in India, but obtaining it requires contacting reputable producers like Calmosis.

What are the benefits of medicinal cannabis? 

It helps people who suffer from migraine, anaemia, arthritis pain, spinal cord pain, anxiety, and depression. However, the use of cannabis-infused medicines has proved to help many patients cope with ailments like Alzheimer’s or epilepsy effectively with no side effects at all.

Can we travel with calmosis' cannabis products?'

Yes, you can definitely travel across India and globally in the country where ayurvedic medicine is allowed, it can be carried to airports. You should have a valid prescription.