Be the Newton of your school


Over 80 percent of engineering graduates in India are unemployable for any job within the knowledge economy and only 3.84 percent of engineers within the country have the technical, cognitive, and language-oriented skills required for software-related jobs in start-ups. And thus a singular idea of Newton school took birth. The company’s platform assists in building and structuring tech careers for dream companies worldwide supported skills, eligibility, preferences, enabling tech enthusiasts to seek out their dream job within the tech sector.

Team – Newton School


Founded by serial entrepreneurs Siddharth Maheshwari and Nishant Chandra in 2019, the Bengaluru-based Newton School allows people to cross financial and locational barriers to realizing their dream of becoming an excellent software developer. Newton School is a web ed-tech platform that trains people with technical skills and gets them placed in top companies and startups as frontend, backend, and full-stack software developers among other roles. With a highly capital-efficient business model, Newton School is near hit just after some months of operations and is on the trail to become profitable within the next few months.

Founder – Siddharth Maheshwari and Nishant Chandra


Newton School identifies students with the foremost potential from everywhere India and puts them through an intensive admission process spanning an overtime period during which “student’s motivations and learnability are tested”. As a consequence of their unique fee payment model, lakhs of candidates use the Newton School platform to enroll during a rigorous series of codability and attitude tests, designed to confirm only the simplest remain. A final round of interviews conducted by Newton School Experts and focused on communication skills, performance, and fervor guarantees that just one percent of applicants make the ultimate cut. The instructors and mentors on the platform are software developers by profession working in many of India’s top companies. The instructors are smitten by teaching and helping students from Tier 2 or 3 colleges secure an excellent career in technology. These instructors are hired from the businesses they’re working with on a component-time basis and are given basic stipends as a token of appreciation.

Pay structure

The Newton School follows a singular pay after placement criteria. In short, this payment model means students pay a fee to the college only after they need to obtain employment with an annual pay package of no but Rs 6 lakh. After the location is secured, Newton School provides an income sharing agreement (ISA) with the scholars. With Newton School’s ISA, a student can enroll and complete the course by paying absolutely nothing and find a place during a top-notch company but agrees to pay back 15% of the monthly income for 3 years or pay Rs 3 lakh in total. In this manner, students can learn effectively without the pressure of payment at the beginning. Newton School aims to rework India into a worldwide developer powerhouse through its highly personalized training platform.

The school continues to support its students even after completing the course. students are interviewing with companies even after completion.


While software engineering is one of all the very best paying and fastest-growing career paths, access to quality software development training remains limited to students of a few top colleges. With the unique pay after placement, the online platform Newton school is democratizing software development training and allowing people to cross financial and site barriers to realizing their dream of becoming an excellent software developer. The Newton School offers a platform that helps students from small towns and cities studying in Tier 2 or 3 colleges to bridge the gap in terms of skills and industry exposure with those coming from Tier 1 universities. Teaching them coding and creating by mental acts, the Newton School offers a full stack development course that runs for six months. Newton School aims to own 10,000 students placed by 2021. Already about 500 students studying on the platform in parallel and they are attempts to scale it to 10,000 within next year thus having a larger intake than all IITs combined.


Newton School announced that it’s raised $650,000 during a seed round of funding led by early-stage risk capital firm Nexus Venture Partners. in keeping with official reports, Newton school has a total funding of about 1.72M$ with an Annual Revenue of $3.39K. Newton School will use the fresh capital to strengthen its product and expand its team, in line with a political candidate statement. With the newest funding, Newton School plans to further evolve its platform and increase its user capacity to handle thousands of learners simultaneously and with ease. 

Imparting Knowledge

Newton School claims to receive thousands of applications for every batch. The educational program includes 1000+ hours of coding, 50+ hours of soft skills training, live projects, and private mentorship from mentors working in top tech companies. For quite 20 years, Newton Schools Foundation provided grants to mentors whose creative and innovative approaches enhanced students’ learning experiences.  Through these grants, educators in the least levels have developed new curricula, generated innovative teaching methods that are used throughout the system, expanded their professional skills, and augmented the training opportunities available to all or any Newton Public Schools students. The program consists of live classes, live projects, personal mentorship, and interview preparation. The platform offers the program at no cost. it’ll also prioritize the event of products utilizing computer science (AI) to streamline and personalize the educational journey of every student.

With the merchandise and community first thinking, within the primary few months of execution, Newton School is showing great results and creating meaningful impact in the lives of software engineering graduates and making the hiring of great tech talent easier for companies. If we glance forward to the journey with Newton School, they’re building a web academy and solving the deep problem of employability of graduates.