Bdiaper: Looking after your little one.

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Should I use infant diapers? Cloth or diapers that are disposable? Are infants’ diapers safe? How much do I change my diaper for my baby? There are some fundamental problems that any parent has to face in the early days of their newborn children. So, to keep their babies dry and happy, parents resorted to disposable diapers. The Indian diaper industry is pegged at 5Bn with a 5.8% CAGR rise. But how healthy are these neonatal diapers? 

The initial parenthood process is hectic and you are striving to give your baby the best. Although diapers can make it simpler, heat is produced by using diapers for longer periods. So, changing diapers frequently is the key to ensure that your baby is dry, comfortable, and healthy. Bdiapers is India’s first and only hybrid cloth diaper that can hold a washable or disposable insert and solution to many new parents

Laying foundation Base 

Amrita Vaswani formed Bdiapers. A tale of serendipity is how they become Bdiapers. They started back in 2015 as Bumchum Diapers, but because of a personal disaster, at the time, Amrita was unable to extend the company further. Everyone had taken over their name and registered Bumchum when they rebooted in 2019, so they could no longer do it. The ‘B’ was already a part of their life by then, so they chose to name themselves ‘Bdiapers.’ With their new brand, they are pleased.

How it starts 

Bdiapers is a love job that came out of Amrita’s own diapering experience of her two babies. Her older son was susceptible to rashes; she was tired of additives in disposable diapers, and she lacked the comfort of disposables while Amrita was devoted to cloth diapering. She searched around for a safe, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, and economical diaper, but she couldn’t find one that would suit the bill. “My motivation for this product came from the love for my firstborn and a fierce determination to find a working solution to all our diapering woes. 

My goal is to provide mothers like myself the option to choose what works for themselves and their babies. My goal is to bring an affordable healthy diapering solution so that no mother ever has to compromise on the health and safety of their baby” Amrita Vaswani said. 

Bdiper’s Product

Bdiaper: Looking after your little one. 

The Bdiaper is the first and only hybrid cloth diaper in India that can hold a disposable (or washable) insert. These work in a patented 3-part system consisting of a cloth shell, a waterproof removable pouch, and pads for the disposable insert. The cloth shells come with matching T-shirts and make the baby’s clothing comfortable and stylish. They are hypoallergenic and do not cause a rash, while the disposable inserts are fragrance, bleach, and dye-free. 

The cloth shells are dimensioned and do not require a daily wash, and the removable waterproof pouches are comfortable and do not crack like ordinary plastic. For conscious, green parents, Bdiapers offers a full array of healthy diapering solutions. 

The healthiest, most eco-friendly diapers available in India are Bdiapers Hybrids. In an inexpensive diaper, leak-proof, rash-free, and convenient, they help maintain the convenience of disposables and the health of cloth. These diapers are great for moms who are tired of painful rashes caused by disposable chemicals and want to break their baby’s cycle of exposure to chemicals.


In the short term, Bdiapers seeks to develop an awareness of the concept of hybrid diapers and to raise awareness of the risks to the health and environment of using single-use disposable diapers. They want to seek feedback on their new diapering system and work in the future towards a completely green (i.e. biodegradable) product. Their long-term vision is to disrupt the diaper category and create options for mothers like me who are tired of disposable chemicals but are not able to commit themselves fully to the cloth as an option. The core belief of Bdiapers is that mothers deserve the option for themselves and their babies to choose what they feel is convenient and healthy. The company wishes to incorporate modern convenience in traditional products that are healthy, affordable, and eco-friendly. 

Achieving a milestone 

Bdiapers launched its website in May 2020, and within two months it reached its target of 100 customers! Since launch, with a good number of them coming back, they have over 450 loyal customers. The bulk of their sales, however, come from Firstcry and Amazon, the eCommerce channel partners of Bdiapers. Being the only brand in India that does something disruptive in the diaper space has given them some much-needed visibility. For the small business grants program on Facebook, Bdiapers has been shortlisted and is awaiting the final results. They were also selected for 3 years in a row in the Kids Stop Press “Best Cloth Diaper in India”.Bdiaper s currently retail on their website, Amazon, Flipkart, Hopscotch and Firstcry, Snapdeal, and 22 other e-commerce stores across India. We are also in 5 maternity stores in Nagaland and are soon going to physical retail with a large named brand store for baby goods.

Plans for the Future 

Bdiapers aims to create the hybrid diaper category and comes with a great product that will be a healthy, environmentally friendly, affordable alternative to single-use disposable diapers. They also expect to raise more and more concern among parents about chemicals in disposables and their long-term adverse effects on the welfare of the infant. For each mother searching for a safe, inexpensive diapering solution in India, they aim to be in the consideration set. For them, growth would imply a happy community of like-minded moms as we look to educate each other collectively on the values of parenting that are natural, sustainable, healthy, and chemical-free.