Backed by HDFC Life, this startup launched a free, DIY guide that helps you take the right term insurance decisions to protect your family, minus any spam or bias!

Meet KlarifyLife. It’s an initiative conceptualised and founded by Nithin Johnson – who holds experience across corporate, consulting & entrepreneurial roles and currently heads Strategy, Special Projects, and Customer Experience at HDFC Life.

A life insurance industry veteran, Nithin realised over the years that many people, especially millennials and Gen Z, struggle to understand the functioning and benefits of term insurance because of the complexities and jargon attached to it.

By interacting with several customers, he also realised that most people don’t have complete clarity on term plan decisions. Hence they delay or avoid buying it out of fear of making a mistake, even though term insurance is a must-have financial product that can financially protect their families if they were to pass away unexpectedly. 

Therefore, in March 2022, to tackle this problem, KlarifyLife was launched which is backed by HDFC Life – a brand that has continuously delivered life insurance to millions of customers to meet their evolving needs. To simplify decision-making for customers, KlarifyLife has introduced the Term Guide – a short, free, DIY guide. 

It helps people understand their own unique needs and various critical term plan decisions such as 

  • Till what age they should be covered?
  • What should be their policy cover? 
  • What add-on benefits aka riders should they get?
  • How should they choose their premium payment term and frequency?
  • How should their families receive their policy money?

Once customers have taken the Term Guide, they also receive a detailed customised report with

  • A step-by-step buying guide 
  • Tips to avoid classic buying mistakes
  • Hacks that no one shares

This report can help them understand their term plan needs better. Customers can approach any life insurance company, or even an insurance advisor of their choice with this report and make the right decision on what to buy, and what not to buy.

KlarifyLife is 100% free, with no spam, ads or selling. 

KlarifyLife aims to simplify term insurance by offering a more fun, quirky and relatable way of understanding it, with zero bias or spam. So instead of jargon, it uses bite-sized explanations in flashcards and videos, pop culture references, trending moments, memes, cute cat videos and so on, to appeal to a millennial and Gen Z audience.

One can visit their website to understand term insurance in a jiffy.