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A tea stall, 12 bars, and 9 outlets later – these brothers launched a mystic Persian-infused family culinary experience & plan to open 10 more properties in Delhi-NCR.

Delhi-based Khubani aims to captivate this niche market, offering a royal, immersive, and artful culinary experience that transports guests

By Neha Yadav
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A tea stall, 12 bars, and 9 outlets later – these brothers launched a mystic Persian-infused family culinary experience & plan to open 10 more properties in Delhi-NCR.

The culinary industry has experienced significant growth over the years, with rising demand for unique and immersive dining experiences. As consumers seek more than just good food, the market for high-end restaurants and artful culinary ventures has expanded. 

Delhi-based Khubani aims to captivate this niche market, offering a royal, immersive, and artful culinary experience that transports guests to a realm of luxury and indulgence.

Mr Suresh Madan is a visionary entrepreneur and the shadow behind the successful functioning of Khubani. He has a strong background in diverse industries, Mr. Suresh Madan hails from a family with a legacy of freedom fighters. His upbringing instilled in him the values of honesty, integrity, and patriotism, which have shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Mr Sharad Madan, the co-founder and director of Imperfecto and Khubani, is known for his innovative approach to the business. Drawing inspiration from his global travels and diverse cultures, he plays a pivotal role in creating extraordinary experiences.

Mr Naresh Madan, co-founder and director, Mr Naresh Madan, brings his meticulous organization skills and dedication to excellence to the table. His experience in managing celebrity events and day-to-day operations at Imperfecto has contributed to the success of Khubani.


Khubani offers a unique and immersive culinary experience that seamlessly blends global cuisines with Persian culture. Guests can indulge in a diverse range of culinary delights, from Indian delicacies to international flavours, meticulously curated by the expert team. 

The venue itself is a work of art, featuring handcrafted spaces adorned with Persian rugs, hand-cut mirrors, and opulent art pieces.

The journey of Khubani began as an evolution of Imperfecto, a renowned high-energy bar and culinary brand. Inspired by their father's passion for the industry and armed with a vision to create unforgettable experiences, the Madan brothers embarked on a mission to redefine the boundaries of culinary excellence.


Starting with Imperfecto's humble beginnings in 2013 as a restaurant in Hauz Khas Village, the Madan family faced financial challenges but remained steadfast in upholding their values of honesty and integrity. Mr Suresh Madan's experience in diverse industries, including working for Tata International, provided valuable lessons and insights.

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Mr Sharad Madan explains his mantra and remarks, "Embrace the beauty of diversity and let it inspire your journey. By exploring different cultures and ideas, we can create extraordinary experiences that touch the hearts and souls of our guests." 

The acquisition of the Hong Kong club in Hyatt Andaz marked a significant milestone in Imperfecto's journey. With each new high-energy bar, the brand garnered a loyal customer base and solidified its reputation for offering vibrant and energetic experiences.

Recognizing the growing demand for immersive and artful culinary ventures, the Madan brothers conceived the idea of Khubani. They meticulously curated an enchanting ambience, combining shimmering chandeliers, warm red hues, and opulent décor to transport guests to a realm of royalty and grandeur.

Building the brand involved careful attention to detail, leveraging their global travels and diverse cultural experiences to create a truly exceptional offering. From acquiring the first 100 customers to scaling from lakhs to crores of revenue, the Madan brothers faced challenges and hurdles but overcame them through their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.


The team at Khubani played a crucial role in the startup's success. Their passion, expertise, and shared vision have brought the royal culinary experience to life, ensuring that every aspect of the guest's journey is meticulously crafted.

The team at Khubani comprises a group of passionate individuals dedicated to creating exceptional culinary experiences. With expertise in various areas of the hospitality industry, they collaborate to curate an enchanting and unforgettable journey for their guests.

Khubani follows a high-end, premium business model, focusing on providing a royal, artful, and immersive culinary experience. By blending global cuisines with Persian culture, the venture caters to a niche market of discerning customers seeking unique and indulgent dining experiences.

Khubani strategically promotes its unique culinary experiences through targeted advertising and various influencer marketing campaigns. Their advertisements focus on the regal ambience, artful culinary creations, and the immersive journey offered to guests.


Sharad and Naresh Madan were honoured with the prestigious "Restaurateurs of the Year" award at the Delhiites Food and Nightlife Awards. 

Additionally, Khubani was recognized as the "Trendsetting Bar of the Year" and the "Game Changing Brand of the Year" by HT, further solidifying its influence and impact on the hospitality industry. 

Furthermore, the exceptional ambience of Khubani was acknowledged with the "Best in Ambiance in Nightlife" award presented by ET Hospitality.

Khubani's mission is to redefine the boundaries of culinary excellence by providing a royal, artful, and immersive experience that delights and captivates guests. Their vision is to create unforgettable moments, indulging the senses and transporting guests to a realm where dreams come true.

Khubani aims to expand its presence by opening 10 new properties in Delhi-NCR, reach new markets, and continue offering exceptional culinary experiences to its guests.