A brand born of expertise & a passion for fitness & flavour. This is the story of India’s luxuriant & highest-rated Peanut Butter Brand.

The Foundation  

Hinckley says, ‘You can’t build great companies on weak foundations. A strong foundation ensures a resilient journey of growth.’ This is the exact ideology that can be dotted in the story of MyFitness

The year was 2018. A CA aspirant and his brother-in-law intended to create India’s first premium Peanut Butter brand.

Rahil Virani & Mohmmad Patel are the co-founders of MyFitness. The duo had very soon noticed that the maximum peanut butter made in India was being exported. They decided to launch a Brand to cater domestic market. 

The expedition of this debauched and incredible brand is laid on the foundations of TANVI Fitness Pvt Ltd. It is a sister concern of the premium-export house, Super Nutri Foods. While TANVI is dedicated to meeting the fitness and flavour needs of India, Super Nutri Foods is a 100% export-focused peanut-based product manufacturer.

Rahil and Mohammad leveraged their fathers existing peanut butter export company, Super Nutri Foods, to sketch the journey of MyFitness. The immediate access to a sturdy network allowed him to sort out the supply chain, warehousing and logistics with ease. This in turn gave him time to focus on branding and marketing. The founder’s conscious efforts were towards making the product look outstanding on shelves. 

A Word From The Founder 

Rahil acknowledges the hardships of an entrepreneurial journey but goes on to say, ‘I derive my inspiration from brands like ‘WakeFit’ ‘Beardo’ ‘Wow Skincare’ and ‘MamaEarth’. He desires to, ‘Create a peanut butter brand that is respected and can motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs.’

The MyFitness Team 

In the span of 4 years, the start-up has grown to a 55-member. About 30 members are directed towards regular warehouse operations for both the B2B & B2C segments. 6 members are solely focused on Sales & Marketing. 

Rahil is the CBO (Chief Brand Officer) and works towards establishing a strong brand position for MyFitness in the market. Mohammad is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Fazal Lakhani is responsible for backend logistics regarding E-Commerce and other listing platforms, like Amazon and Flipkart. Poojan Shah heads business strategy and takes care of investor relations and sourcing various listing channels to sell the product. 

The Atypical MyFitness 

In quintessence 6 chief factors makes MyFitness India’s premium peanut butter brand: 

1. The usage of non-conventional raw materials. They use only Pink Himalayan Salt and Brown Sugar. 

2. The packaging is astonishing. An opaque-box revolving around a blue theme makes the product look visually appealing and easily recognizable from far. 

3. The powerful association with Sahil Khan. This is self-explanatory. 

4. The technical aspect of chocolate. The type of chocolate they use is their secret ingredient and thus, it is also the best-selling flavour. 

5. They have a variant of natural peanut butter, without any sugar and salt. This allows 95% less oil separation, even when stored for longer durations. 

6. The divergent business model. They have exclusive contracts with large online retailers like Cloudtail India who buy the products in bulk through a B2B channel and later sells them via Amazon. Similarly with Supercom net for Flipkart. 

The Sahil Khan Magic 

This is literally the best thing that happened to MyFitness. 

MyFitness was an associate sponsor at a particular sports event. The same event had Sahil Khan as the Chief Guest. After the event, the founders quickly got in touch with the organizers and somehow convinced them to arrange a meeting with Sahil Khan. 

In the first meeting itself, Sahil Khan was impressed by the product and story of the founders. They proposed to him to become the brand ambassador. As Sahil Khan was enthralled by the conviction of the founders, he offered something more than that. This something more changed the fate of MyFitness forever. 

He not only became the brand ambassador, but also joined hands with them on a long-term basis. Rahil says, ‘Sahil Khan is largely responsible for the brands exponential growth and success. He has guided us and helped us with positioning the brand in the market and connecting with the right set of people.

The Aim – Vision & Achievement 

MyFitness aims to give every household access to high-quality tasty and nutritious food products while providing value for money.

The vision of MyFitness is to keep solving challenges and become the market leader in India’s peanut butter industry. 

They have recently collaborated with Kriti Sanon, Hardik Pandya and Kerala Blaster’s Rahul KP and are running humongous online campaigns.

MyFitness is totally bootstrapped and profitable. They are currently raising an Angel Round and thus, seek investments from the right set of strategic investors who can accelerate their growth. 

The core of MyFitness is Sahil Khan and his aura.