28 YO Surat-based entrepreneur’s tech startup crosses 5,000+ users in the first year

Surat-based “WA.Team” is a technology firm founded by the young entrepreneur Akshay Sharda in 2021, who is now 28 years old.

The startup offers a comprehensive solution for WhatsApp Official API & Automations.

Challenges = Opportunities

The startup officially launched in April 2021 with the mission to serve SMBs and MSMEs. When COVID was at its pinnacle, Akshay first embarked on his journey.

“Since there was a demand for tech-based businesses, WA Team’s services got off to a good start and continued to do well,” Akshay says to Startup Pedia.

The primary services provided by the WA team include APIs, broadcasts, CRM systems, and DIY bot builders.

These tools can be used to send bulk messages to customers, build WhatsApp bots, integrate WhatsApp with other platforms, and manage customer communications.

Taking suggestions and feedback from customers seriously is an area that the WA. team has focused on it, and it has proven fruitful for them even in uneasy circumstances.

The startup is already in integration with the industry majors such as Woocommerce, Elementor, Google Forms, Shopify, etc.

Startup’s Niche

According to Akshay, their target markets can be divided into three groups. To begin with, e-commerce store owners who want to automate order and shipment notifications for their customers can use automation marketing to send emails.

Second, industrialists and corporates that want to use WhatsApp Automations for Order Booking and Complaint Management Systems can send Daily Product Updates in Bulk to their customers.

Third, manufacturers and retailers can send daily product updates in bulk to their customers.

WA.Team also provides “white-labelled solutions” for technology companies and agencies, which allow these businesses to rebrand WA.Team’s platform and resell it to their clients.

Present and Future

In its first year of operation, the brand is being used by more than 5,000 users and more than 400 agencies worldwide. In such a short time, they have amassed a sizable clientele, including people from Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries.

They have set themselves the goal of increasing their customer base to 1 Lakh paid customers and one thousand white-labelled agencies by the end of next year.

  • Team offers the most competitive prices in the industry, and they are consistently working to enhance the quality of their platform in response to suggestions made by consumers.
  •  The startup’s goal is to make it as simple as possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to use Official WhatsApp Solutions.
  • It encourages the broad adoption of automation and bots while allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies rather than worrying about marketing and customer service issues.