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26-year-old drops out of MBA to start an MBA Balloon Wala, clocks a revenue of Rs 20L

MBA Balloon Wala, a Mumbai based balloon decor startup founded by Mr. Ghanshyam Waghela.

By Asif Alam
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26-year-old drops out of MBA to start an MBA Balloon Wala, clocks a revenue of Rs 20L

MBA Balloon Wala, a Mumbai based balloon decor startup founded by Mr. Ghanshyam Waghela.

Today, the venture MBA Balloon Wala has become the one stop solution for the amazing balloon decorations. With the impressive services, today they are covering every kind of event like anniversary, birthdays, weddings, baby shower events, theme decor and corporate events also.

The journey of founder:

Around eight years ago, Ghanshyam started to do the business, but professionally from 2019. Initially, his presence was limited to the local areas and known ones, but with time he covered a huge number of events till now.

Since the very beginning i.e. since his 12th standard, he enjoyed making crafts and decorations. He produced stunning works of art that really captivated those around him. Eventually, he dwells in so much depth that he starts getting orders from the known ones, to decorate their house on the occasions of birthdays and small family gatherings.

At a very small scale he continued the balloon decor work, as his passion along with his higher studies. This habit helps him to become financially free at a very young age.

What does the term MBA highlight?

The key focus area among the audiences is that he really did an MBA degree and then launched his startup?

The answer is absolutely No!

Here, The attractive name of his startup i.e. MBA keyword is taken from the very first letter of the name of his family members which stands for M from Manisha Ben (mother), B from Bharat Bhai (father) and A from Arjan Bhai (grandfather).

Educational background:

He pursued bachelors in management studies from one of the colleges of Mumbai University. There he also jumped into event management and decorations work on any festival or college event. Due to his work, he also got great appreciation from there.

He surely made the decision with time to maximise his profession just doing decor work.

How did he reach the people?

Instantly, he advertised himself in his local area, by just shouting to the people and using visiting cards.  And people started to contact him immediately to avail his services. The calls and orders were rising every month.

In an interview with Startup Pedia, the founder said “At the very start, we just took the opportunity and worked on building our portfolio. Once the samples are ready with on field experience, clients used to reach us on their own, to get the work done in a professional manner.”

In 2019, he began to make YouTube videos as everything was going great.

In his tutorial videos, He showed how easy it is to make beautiful crafts and home décor items out of everyday objects and easily available material from the market. With constant efforts, his viewers and subscribers increase exponentially.

Situation after the opening of covid-19 lockdown:

The period of lockdown affects his business very badly.

Still for a long time after opening the lockdown, he did not get any order as the events of the entire state were totally shut down. To overcome that period of financial hardships, he decided to do a job in a hotel for managing their events.

Along with doing the job he still managed to follow his passion and regularly posted tutorials and engaging posts on social media platforms.

But later, his business got a boom from the consistent efforts which he made on YouTube and Instagram. Now, more and more people started contacting him via calls, DM’s, and references. And today, he is handling both - a full time job plus his balloon decor business, with a team of 7 members.

About his team, revenue and future plans:

In his team, professional ethics is a must, before serving any of their clients. In their work ethos, the team preferred to avoid smoking in any way. They always serve the clients by wearing proper formal t-shirts of their brand with advanced equipment. This brings efficiency in time and work. This feature makes them unique and professional people among others.

Till now, they have served over 7000+ orders till the date, earner Rs. 20 Lakhs, which is a big moment in their profession.

Now, to reach people, their immediate action is to launch a DIY kit from next month, using which anybody can easily create decorations without hiring any person from outside. Also, they are planning to open stores all across India.

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