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With roots in the small town of Jammu, How this woman entrepreneur came a long way building a Rs 50 Cr turnover company beating all the odds

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Putting branded luxury aside, the world still can’t get enough of the genuine pleasure that handmade and handcrafted items provide. In a world when branded products have supreme value, handcrafted accessories have an obvious allure and are still widely consumed by the globe for the classic touch they give as well as the comfort and familiarity they provide to their users. Mansi Gupta forged ahead with the intention of endorsing and rekindling traditional Indian handicrafts while sprinkling a magical touch of modernism in it, her primary ambition being for the platform to achieve global recognition, with her primary ambition being for the platform to achieve global recognition. 

How Mansi grew Tjori into a popular handicrafts destination

Tjori is a multi-category, online-first artisanal ethnic brand that covers clothing, health, home, mother, and child items. It was founded with a personal savings of Rs 10 lakh. The brand is available in 195 countries across the world. Mansi Gupta founded Tjori in New Delhi in 2013 out of her love for traditional handicrafts and clothing and to meet the global demand for Indian handcrafted items. Tjori is an artisanal ethnic brand with a multi-category, online-first offering that encompasses clothing, health, home, and mother and child items. Handmade goods and the goodness of traditional Indian ingredients are the emphases of the brand. Tjori originated on a tiny whiteboard with a big vision for the brand, an opportunity that was investigated owing to a lack of awareness about India’s traditional and historical handicrafts on a worldwide scale. Zara was the idea, which began as a tiny store in Spain and has now taken over the fashion world.

The Story of Mansi Gupta – Tjori Founder

It all began when Mansi Gupta and her husband Ankit Wadhwa, who hails from a small village in Jammu, decided to take the risk of launching an eCommerce site to offer Indian handcrafted items aimed at the American market. In India, the lifestyle brand Tjori was founded in January 2013. What was once an idea nurtured on a whiteboard in a Wharton university room is now a fully recognised and operating worldwide e-commerce website, housing an ocean of future goals and dreams. Tjori’s creator Mansi Gupta has a master’s degree in business administration from Cardiff University’s Business School, as well as a concentration in finance from the prestigious University of Wharton.

She is a natural adventurer as well as an exquisite and minimalist party dressing with a secret passion for horseback riding. Mansi enjoys doing yoga and meditation in her spare time to relax and de-stress. She is a great believer in the simplicity of life and follows Ayurvedic knowledge religiously. Mansi is also the delighted recipient of the Women Entrepreneur 2020 award in the leisure and fashion category at the 2020 #WESA event.

Kickstarted with the personal savings of Rs 10 lakh, now caters to 195 countries

Tjori is on the cutting edge of getting Indians and the rest of the world to appreciate what is genuinely local and created in India. The firm began with a savings of Rs 10 lakh and has grown to a revenue of Rs 50 crore annually. Tjori now has a digital marketing and retail website that serves 195 nations across the world. They assist in the delivery of items through FedX, a courier service partner. Indian artisans and designers have contributed to the collection. They have employed over 500 artists and craftspeople, and this number will continue to rise as Tjori expands. In 2016-17, Tjori raised around Rs 1.5 crore from friends and relatives.

Tjori’s lone known financing, according to Crunchbase, was in August 2019 when the platform secured $700,000 (about Rs 5 crore) in a pre-Series A funding round from a group of Indian and Middle Eastern investors. The brand’s mission is to bring the globe closer together by making all worthwhile items discoverable and accessible.

Mansi Gupta opens up the ‘Tjori’ of global handicrafts to the world

TJORI was founded on the traditional principles of Indian art and craft, but still maintaining the complexities and designs of the current day at the forefront of its operations. TJORI is driven by the idea of producing well for all, inspired by history, intrigued by the beauty of nature, and handcrafted items produced with care and love. Tjori, which is attempting to develop itself as a lifestyle brand, offers a diverse range of items in a variety of areas, with the goal of serving everyone. Fabindia is one of the brand’s most direct competitors. Tjori is a platform for discovering and discovering the most interesting and worthwhile stuff from across the world. It works directly with manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and artisans, and displays wonderful goods from hyper-local marketplaces across the world that are otherwise difficult to get. These goods are hand-picked from their respective nations and sold directly to customers.

The aim is to take Indian creations to the global market

Because clothing accounts for more than 70% of the company’s income, the lockout forced the platform to shut down completely. The company chose to create necessary products that were badly needed in these times on their website in order to stay afloat in the market. Tjori has a lot of big ambitions for the handicraft business, and it’s been concentrating on moving from an online to an offline platform by converting from an eCommerce website to a walk-in store and expanding its stores all over the world. It also plans to create a mobile app for its clients’ convenience. The platform’s ultimate goal is to establish itself as a lifestyle Indian brand on a global platform. “The journey has just begun, but this has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, new learning, new achievements, but some really great times so far,” she added.

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