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Reveal Your Delivery Boys' Pay, Not Records: Kamra Slams Zomato CEO

Kunal Kamra slammed Zomato's Deepinder Goyal for sharing world records about their delivery partners while not disclosing their average salary and working hours.

By Rashaad Ather
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Kunal Kamra Slams Zomato CEO

Comedian Kunal Kamra slams Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal

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Comedian Kunal Kamra slammed Zomato Founder Deepinder Goyal and dared him to be transparent about the average salary of the Zomato delivery partners. This came after Goyal proudly announced on X about breaking the Guinness World Record for hosting the largest first aid seminar for delivery boys.

Goyal announced that his food delivery platform set the Guinness World Record for the "largest first aid lesson at a single venue" and mentioned that over 30,000 delivery partners are now trained to provide first aid during critical road emergencies.

"Yesterday in Mumbai, we broke the Guinness World Record for the largest first aid lesson at a single venue, together with 4,300 delivery partners. Over 30,000 @zomato delivery partners are now professionally trained to provide medical aid and help during critical roadside emergencies. Salute and a big thank you to these Emergency Heroes of India," the Shark Tank India judge said on X (formerly Twitter). Mr Goyal also shared pictures from the training session alongside a certificate from the Guinness World Record.

However, apparently, Kamra didn’t like Goyal’s post.

He asked Goyal to reveal average income and working hours of Zomato’s delivery partners. 

Social Media Reaction:

Kamra’s viral post is receiving mixed reactions.

One user wrote: "These platforms treat Delivery partners like machines. Caring on social media is just a drama," 

Another user posted: "Bro, he's running a successful for-profit business and generating employment for thousands. And no one is forced to work there - in fact, if they think they're being exploited, all they have to do is uninstall the app. It's that simple,"

A third replied, "Kunal bhai! Love your comedy, love everything about. But don't understand this tweet. He is running a legitimate business and pretty profitable one. It's the economy that decides if he is paying less than market value, his workers will go somewhere else. Not sure what's the issue."

A fourth user commented: "Zomato, swiggy and a lot of other quick delivery folks are such a nuisance on the roads. They don't follow traffic rules and they ride rash,"