The journey of Simply Fresh – India’s largest plant factory Producing up to 8000 Kgs of Veggies Per Day

Indian brilliance may be found all around the world. Be it NASA, the renowned space agency of the United States, or global corporations such as Microsoft, Google, and a slew of others, to mention a few. A tendency of brilliant Indians moving overseas to pursue their dreams has emerged. However, times are changing, and many Indians are starting a new trend by returning to their roots and utilising their skills in India — to build a successful career and serve their people. Simply Fresh’s Sachin and Shweta Dabarwar are a good illustration of this.

New advanced technologically aided agricultural practices have been accepted by the farming sector. With increased awareness and expertise, the most unorganised agricultural sector is now embracing modern farming methods that enable it to produce higher-quality crops with higher yield value. The modern customer is constantly on the lookout for better choices and is highly conscious of his or her eating habits. Customers want to know more about the food they eat and where it comes from. Simply Fresh’s objective is to deliver fresh, clean, traceable, and technologically aided produce through sustainable farming, according to the company’s tagline of affordable food safety. Simply Fresh’s mission is to bring fresh, clean, traceable, and technologically assisted produce through sustainable farming, adhering to the best standards of food safety.

Sachin Darbarwar: Returned To India and Produces 500 Tonnes Vegetables In Just 20 Acres

Simply Fresh Private Limited was created in 2010 by two Australian software engineers, Sachin Darbarwar (CEO) and Sweta Darbarwar (CMO), who were researching advanced agricultural technology, such as plant profiling and research and development. Simply fresh was founded to provide healthy food that was devoid of chemicals and pesticides. Farms that use soil-less agricultural technologies have inventory preparedness, constant quality, and freshness. Sachin Darbarwar has a deep awareness of the technical processes related to agricultural practices, having worked in the IT industry. Sachin and his wife and co-founder Shweta worked on plant DNA research in Australia before starting Simplyfresh. Sachin’s efforts, along with Shewta’s enthusiasm, have enabled them to reach new heights.

Simply Fresh’s Sachin and Shwetha Darbarwar have been hydroponically producing exotic flowers, vegetables, fruits, and leaves on over two acres of land, and are now the largest and only suppliers of all salad leaves, exotic berries, salad vegetables, and edible flowers to practically all leading star hotels in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The science of growing plants without soil is known as hydroponics. It grows a few feet from the ground through a technique that feeds the seeds and plants with minerals combined with water.

Laying stone for hydroponics farming in India

Simplyfresh began when two Australian software engineers collaborated with a group of botanists to come up with a concept. Sachin Darbarwar and Shweta Darbarwar founded the firm at that time. The brand promises to deliver nutritional food that is devoid of chemicals and pesticides, as its name suggests. The notion of ‘Talking to Plants’ piqued Sachin’s attention in this farm-to-fork company. Every step of plant development was tracked, nutrient levels were measured, and the surrounding environment was regulated.

Sachin began working with botanists, academicians, and others in the agri-space to further investigate this notion and was actively working on deciphering the messages that plants send out. These signals describe how each plant responds to changes in the greenhouse’s environment as well as the fertiliser it is given. It all started in 2013 on a 9-acre farm in Shamirpet, catering to the Retail and Horeca segments of the local market. Simplyfresh began its export activities in 2014. The team realised the need for such items, as well as the necessity for secure and traceable agricultural food, at that point.

Simply Fresh – Modern Agri Tech Start-Up Propagating Hydroponic Farming

Since its beginnings in 2013, the firm that provided Hyderabad with fresh salad leaves ranging from red romaine to rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and crispy fruity peppers has expanded into nutraceutical raw materials (medicinal plants) (medicinal food products). Turmeric with a high curcumin content, ashwagandha, ginger, safed, musli, holy basil, and Phyllanthus amarus is among the medicinal plants farmed by Simply Fresh for nutraceutical extracts. Nutraceutical enterprises use these as raw materials. The farm’s agricultural scientists claim to have improved hydroponic soil-less cultivation by combining it with AI technology. The Hyderabad hydroponics farm Simply Fresh claims to be India’s largest plant factory. Their exceptional work got them a huge number of consumers and many awards like the CMO Best Brand Of Telangana 2020 Award. 

Couple growing up to 8000 Kgs of Veggies Per Day 

There has been a shift in consumer eating patterns as a result of the current global scenario. The modern consumer is more conscious of what foods are beneficial to their health. They are now concentrating on foods that are both nutritious and safe to eat. Private equity investors helped the business raise about $30 million in 2018. Simplyfresh extended its agricultural operations with a 150-acre facility at Arjunpatla, Siddipet, not long after.

When compared to other fresh produce on the market, Simply Fresh food is safe, high in nutritional content, and antioxidants. Another interesting thing about Simply Fresh is that they allow consumers to trace their products with a QR code that can be scanned to fetch a timeline of the product since it was sown till packaging. Simply Fresh just revolutionized the Agricultural practices present in India.