About Us

About Us

Startup Pedia is a New Delhi based media-tech platform. We bring untold stories of Entrepreneurs and Startups in limelight by providing vibrant, analytical, and engaging content. We believe in the fact that ‘Every Story matters’ and keeping this in mind we work on the stories of Entrepreneurs & Change Makers’.

The main Aim of Startup Pedia is to provide insights about brightest entrepreneurs and bring them into the limelight. At Startup Pedia, we help grow their ideas into world-changing businesses by bringing together ambitious founders and their success stories. 

Startup Pedia enables innovation through the creative way of propagating ideas and anecdotes. We believe that success stories and imparting knowledge about it are not mutually exclusive, they reinforce one another.

Our mission is to create a diverse and impactful atmosphere that will help foster India’s sustainable and flourishing ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

Got a news tip or inside information about a topic we covered? We’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a note at startup.pedia7@gmail.com.

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