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Yuva meaning Youth, reflects our Company’s vision to empower the young generation to independently thrive through every Agtech problem through sustainability. We have 2 different Sections – Aquaculture and Agriculture. In Aquaculture, we provide hands-on training and theoretical sessions on land Aquaculture production organically and sustainably. Including project installations, Fish seeds, fish feed and Consulting services.

In Agriculture, we provide training for Organic Farming fertilizers and manures like Vermicompost, Fish Hydrolysate, organic insecticides and pesticides and project installations as well. We have trained more than 200 farmers and setup 400 plus Aquaculture tank setups in and around Maharashtra state. We are looking forward to providing organic produced Fish, Meat and Vegetables at reasonable and affordable prices. We aim for sustainably farmed products cultivated by smart farmers and develop a d2c chain all over the nation.
Paso Corto,Vista Larga !

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Yuva Biofloc Aquaculture

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Suraj Apshinge

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: suraj.theyuvacompany101@gmail.com

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B2C, D2C

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January 1, 2018

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