IMPACT, our Innovative Management Platform, is a testament to the power of innovation born in India. We have designed it meticulously to address the unique needs of educational institutions, taking into account the diverse challenges they face in administration and classroom technology. Innovation lies at the heart of IMPACT. We've harnessed cutting-edge technology and our deep understanding of the education sector to create a platform that simplifies administrative tasks, streamlines classroom management, and enhances the overall learning experience. Our roots in India, a country known for its rich history in education, serve as a constant source of inspiration. IMPACT proudly carries this legacy forward by offering solutions that are not just tailored for the Indian education system but can also be seamlessly integrated into educational institutions worldwide. IMPACT is more than just a management platform; it's a transformative force that empowers educational institutions to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. With features designed to optimize administration processes and elevate classroom technology, IMPACT plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of education. In summary, IMPACT is an Innovative Management Platform Made in India, dedicated to catalyzing positive changes in education by revolutionizing administration and classroom technology. It embodies our commitment to innovation, our deep respect for India's educational heritage, and our vision for a brighter future in education.


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XceedIQ: Empowering Education through Innovation 🚀

XceedIQ is a leading educational technology company, revolutionizing the way schools and colleges manage their operations and enhance learning experiences. With user-friendly platforms and cutting-edge solutions, we’re committed to driving positive change in education. 💡📚 #EdTech #Innovation

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Xceediq learning solutions pvt ltd

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Ethalapaka Pavan Chandra

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: http://www.xceediq.com

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: ceo@xceediq.com

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B2B, B2C

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August 22, 2023

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