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Vyomastra Technologies is a new age deep tech company creating comprehensive end-to-end full stack Drone and Anti-Drone platform (Defense), Vyomastra is the first company in India indigenizing the technology.

Drone Portfolio – AI-empowered Drone Suite (Platform & Software) platform, Medical Drones, Surveyor & Surveillance Drones, Special Purpose Drones.

Platforms – Fleet Management using UTM and Task Scheduling, Swarm-drone enabled, PSO based optimization, Remote diagnostics & prognostics, Predictive maintenance enabled.

Anti-Drone Portfolio – AI Powered sensor fusion-based Drone detection, identification component, Passive RADAR components
Our USP – India’s first AI Powered & Blockchain powered Drone platform (HW & SW), We are indigenizing these technologies and developing components in India, will be making more than 51% components in India – will place company in a very strategic position with respect to Defense and other Govt entities to empanel Vyomastra.

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Vyomastra Technologies

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Kamalakar Devaki

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: kamal@vyomastra.in

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January 23, 2021

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