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"Your right expression of self"


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Hello lovely people! Welcome to Taliyah Clothing!!

Inspired by people’s emotional connections to garments, our journey has been about discovering best-suited blends of style, affordability and quality.

​Seasons and occasions add shades and variations to our closets. Behind every such zing and pop in our themed collections, we have dedicated hours of research. Does your attire hold memories? Do you wish to replay them or simply follow the recycling of outfits trend? Well, we are here to save the day because we lay a strong emphasis on the selection of long-lasting fabrics. Adding to this entire mix is our sharp focus on proper size fits, quality checks and affordable pricing. Our carefully curated designs strive to bring joy to people of all tastes and sizes.

Helping you find ‘your right expression of self’ is what drives us. Your love entwined with our energy makes Taliyah what it is.

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Deepika P

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: taliyahclothing1@gmail.com

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December 16, 2022

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