Our Motto is "Own Your Data". DAAS - Data as a service for D2C Clients powered by user-owned Personal Data Pods.


Basic Information

Medront builds Data products for two clients –
1. Personal Data Management (Data Pods) for our Users.
Users can use our Mobile App to sync Data from Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, Evernote, and YouTube along with Notifications, SMS, and browser Cookies in one Data Pod.
Users can then use our Data Authentication Framework to share/sync their Data on a new platform for an instant profile setup resulting in a seamless User Experience.
Users also have access to Data Utilities such as Backup, Privacy Scans, and Notifications Manager. They can also run data processing on their Profiles to generate Spending, Food, and Music Reports.
1. Data Authentication Framework for Partners
Data Partners (SMEs, Startups, Consumer-facing companies) can tap into Medront’s user base to onboard users with completed Profiles. This helps them avoid cold start, enrich their user experience, and also simplify their onboarding journey.

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Medront DataLabs Private Limted

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Saurav Suman

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B2B, B2C

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June 5, 2023

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