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La Cane Bistro is a 100% plant-based cafe serving global cuisine and specially curated sugarcane blends. The venture aims at promoting the health benefits of sugarcane juice and plant-based foods and, at the same time, instilling a sugarcane culture amongst young Indians.

Sharvari has been an ardent foodie and a seasoned corporate professional. Her job intended to travel to various locations – Domestically and Internationally, from a modest village in UP to a modern European city. While she was enticed by the abundance of various cuisines the world has to offer, it also pained her to see the meagre living in some of the local places she visited.

The idea of La Cane Bistro was conceived during a casual exchange of thoughts on an evening stroll with Amit, her husband. What if we serve a blend of Global and Local delicacies which are not only local and tasty but also offer health advantages? Thus started the quest for creating La Cane Bistro

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RA Foods and Beverages LLP

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Sharvari Kulkarni

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B2B, B2C, D2C

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January 24, 2019

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