In an age where promptness is prized, can we truly afford to make decision-makers wait for insights?


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The modern company has too much data and too little insights. They need tools to quickly make sense of the data, but traditional data analytics tools are too complex for non-technical members on the team.

With GlazeGPT, every knowledge worker gets a personal AI data analyst who works with their company’s messy database, is always there for them, and saves them countless hours every week. That’s GlazeGPT’s mission. GlazeGPT gives every company an AI that lets them level up with the Fortune 500. Smaller logistics, fintech, and retail companies can boost efficiency by more than 30%, saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process, by integrating GlazeGPT into their daily data tasks.

GlazeGPT is not your typical BI tool for data geeks; it’s a tool for everyone. With slick integrations across platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, and Google Chat, and compatibility with a range of databases like Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, etc, with GlazeGPT, companies can bid farewell to SQL for good.

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GlazeGPT Workflow App

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Karan Doshi

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121 Boulevard Street,San Jose, CA 95121

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April 1, 2023

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