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Basic Information

Fooze Works LLP is a food company started in 2017 by Shivam Limaye & Kartik Pendse who were passionate about the food & beverage business. Fooze is a restaurant where you get great food & a community like experience through its products. On 1st April 2017, the first Fooze location was launched in Thane, Mumbai. Since then the company now has 3 locations- Thane, Borivali IC and BKC in Mumbai. The most loved dish is called the FTB= Forget the buns, which is a burger without the buns.

Over the years the company is now experimenting with a dine-in + cloud model where they want to have maximum availability. The food products are standardized with strict SOPs which ensures quality and consistency. The company’s vision is to create Fooze as a QSR model- be up-to-date with trends & innovate food products.

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Fooze Works LLP

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Shivam Limaye

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B2C, D2C

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February 27, 2017

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