Simple & Secure way to automatically manage personal finances.


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FinArt, co-founded by industry veterans, emerged from a need for simpler, safer financial management. Our journey began with a personal challenge: to create a solution for managing expenses, income, and bills effortlessly. Recognizing that complex or insecure options dominated the market, we sought to change the narrative.

Our belief is firm: managing finances should be easy and secure for everyone. This conviction fuels our mission. We launched our mobile app in March 2016, aiming to empower users with clear, confident financial decisions. Surpassing our expectations, the app rapidly gained traction, expanding its reach globally.

Today, FinArt stands at the forefront of financial technology, offering a robust platform that caters to both individual and business needs. Our B2B partnerships reflect our commitment to providing value beyond the individual user, offering scalable, data-driven AI solutions for businesses.

Join us in redefining financial industry!

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Frienteer Software Private Limited

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harvinder singh

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B2B, B2C

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April 16, 2015

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