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Basic Information

Chaai Seth is India’s Leading Tea chai Franchisee. It is a DPIIT-approved startup by Govt of India. Chaai Seth offers a tea shop and fast food Franchise with a 6 lakhs investment. The company focuses on the ROI factor.

Chaai Seth runs on the ‘FOFO – Franchisee owned Franchisee Operated’ concept, where the franchisee is the owner; he invests all the amount, manages the outlet, and keeps all the profit.

As a franchisor, the brand CHAAI SETH provides them with the authority to use the brand name and to use and operate the outlet in the style of chaai seth. The brand also gives staff training, recipes, A to Z pre and post-opening supports like location finalization, legal help (licensing), marketing expertise, billing software etc.

CHAAI SETH Investment details:

Chaai Seth franchisee investment starts from 6 lakhs rupees and goes up to 16 lakhs rupees based on the area in sq ft.

Chaai Seth Models:

Kiosk: Total area required: 60-120 sq ft, total investment: 6-7 Lakhs rupees and so on.

Company’s Registered Name


Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd

Founder’s Name


Arpit Raj, Kumar Prateek, R K Kala

Founder’s Linkedin Profile


Primary Email Address


Company’s Headquaters


New Delhi

Business Model


B2B, B2C

Incorporated date


August 30, 2019

No of Employees



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