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How Surat-based Alpino turned a Rs 5 lakh investment into a Rs 5 Cr turnover and Revolutionised the Fitness Market With the peanut Butter

Foreign labels were all the rage a decade ago. However, Indian manufacturers have caught up, and now everyone needs to be “desi.” Buying locally has become more profitable as a result of these brands. Local labels seem to be in high demand among Indians these days. We used to want to go to other countries to purchase foreign brands. Then foreign brands began to approach us. Today’s tale is a little different. The growth of eCommerce in India has opened up opportunities for local brands, with a number of them rising to the top of Amazon Launchpad’s top sellers’ list, ushering in a new age of Indian consumer brands. Alpino is one such brand.

Mastermind Behind Alpino

Alpino Health Foods is an Indian peanut butter company that debuted in 2016. Alpino Peanut Butter is the creation of six pioneers who came together to bring the purest kind of peanut butter to market, free of artificial sugar, toxic fats, salts, and hydrogenated oils and made entirely of natural ingredients. This Made in India brand, which began in Surat and has spread throughout the country in the last two and a half years, is now one of Amazon India’s best-selling consumer brands. Alpino aspires to provide the highest quality nutritional food products to the Indian market at affordable prices by providing balanced food choices that are high in protein and other nutrients.

Alpino: Towards a healthy lifestyle

The six co-founders are Priyank Vora, Hiren Sheta, Mahatva Sheta, Milan Gopani, Chetan Kanani, and Umesh Gajera. Before founding Alpino Health Foods, all six co-founders attended the same institution. When they learned that the majority of Indian peanuts were exported for different purposes, the idea struck them. After doing extensive research, they realised that instead of selling a nutritious snack to other nations, they should introduce it to the Indian market. Lack of knowledge and inaccessibility of healthy food are the issues that the founders are attempting to address. India has had a very poor nutritional status over the years and Alpino Health Foods is working hard to solve this problem.

Alpino: turned a not so smooth beginning to a Rs 5 Crore Turnover

Alpino Health Foods is dedicated to enhancing India’s diet by providing people with natural foods that are free of artificial sugar and empty calories. The company has made a profit of Rs 5 crore in three years and is one of Amazon’s best-selling young brands. The firm is also expanding its product line. By the end of the year, they hope to have whey and olive oil on hand. Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, and Peanut Butter Powder are also available from Alpino Peanut Butter. Honey, Dark Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate, and Classic are only a few of the flavour options available. After being told by several manufacturing companies that they could never succeed, the founders of Alpino went on to build a popular peanut butter brand, now available on several eCommerce channels. 

The Bright Future Ahead

Acceptance of peanut butter in Indian homes and a shift in Indian eating habits will help shape a happier, healthier future. Alpino Health Foods promises that its products are made entirely of fresh ingredients and are of the best quality in the Indian health food industry. Alpino wants to expand its business to Rs 50 crore in a few years, and they intend to do so by partnering with 200 distributors. India is seeing a wellness boom, which the organisation hopes to capitalise on.

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