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From MBBS to IAS to building a 14,000 Cr Unicorn; Meet Roman Saini, who left his IAS officer job and proved that changing careers is obviously not ‘bad’!

Luck, hard effort, perseverance, or pure brilliance may all contribute to success. The adjective to employ for Roman Saini is the last one. Most people spend their entire lives looking for that one good opportunity and then settle down as soon as they find it. For thousands of your Indian pupils, being an IAS official or a doctor is a dream come true. The race is deemed won by those who attain these qualifications. However, only a few people see these accomplishments as destinations rather than pit stops on their journeys. Roman Saini, a doctor, former IAS official, and extremely successful entrepreneur, is one such individual.

Roman Saini’s remarkable success storey begins as one of India’s youngest government servants and ends with the founding of a firm that assists lakhs of UPSC hopefuls and is valued at over Rs 14,000 crore.

A Young Achiever- Roman Saini

Unacademy’s co-founder, Roman Saini, is a brilliant entrepreneur, doctor, and former government servant. He resigned his IAS job after two years as an assistant collector to follow his passion for teaching. It’s not easy to leave a high-profile career to pursue something entirely different. Saini, on the other hand, demonstrated that if you keep focused and positive, you can do anything. Roman Saini’s journey from doctor to IAS officer to entrepreneur has inspired people all around the world.

Learning how to learn, according to Roman Saini, is the first step toward success. Before you take on a task, you must first prepare for it. People are not born geniuses, he claims, and everyone has the knowledge, talent, and character to achieve whatever objectives they set for themselves. According to him, one must conquer their fear of going against their parents’ or society’s desires, as well as their fear of pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones.

Mantra of Success

Roman Saini was born on July 27, 1991, in Raikaranpura village, Jaipur, to a middle-class family. Saini has wanted to change the education business since he was a child. It is not simple to obtain a medical degree from AIIMS. Not everyone is born with the intellect and desire to succeed at such an early age. A comparable level of accomplishment came too soon for Roman Saini.

At the age of 16, he aced the AIIMS admissions exam. He had already published a research paper in a reputable medical journal after only two years. He earned his medical degree (MBBS) and subsequently worked as a doctor at AIIMS’ National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (NDDTC). But, in the end, even this did not make Roman happy. He quickly realised that administration was his passion, and after just 6 months as a doctor, he opted to pursue a career as an IAS officer. As a result, he began his quest to pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Roman Saini was appointed as an IAS Officer in Madhya Pradesh at the age of 22. He was one of the youngest persons to pass the UPSC, one of India’s most difficult exams. While stationed at Dayalpur village in Haryana, India, he came across many people who were in need of basic services and decided to make it his goal to help them and serve the nation.

The BIG change- Creating a Rs 14,000 Cr Company

However, his career took an unexpected turn when he co-founded Unacademy with his buddy Gaurav Munjal. Saini quit his prestigious career as an IAS official to launch Unacademy, his first business venture. The platform’s goal was to give high-quality courses and coaching sessions on UPSC examinations taught by qualified instructors at a low cost. The platform’s ultimate objective was to assist young people in realising their ambitions and overcoming obstacles such as money and time.

Roman admired IAS and the opportunities it provided, as well as the influence he could have there. However, as a youngster, he was enthralled by the prospect of becoming an educator and resolving the educational crisis. His calling was to teach. His parents were dissatisfied with him, but they had faith in him and knew they could rely on him. After a few discussions, they backed him up and began offering suggestions for Unacademy. Roman is simply following his true calling and doing what he has always enjoyed as a child. He’s learning and passing on what he’s learned while also repairing what’s broken. Roman believes that no one is born a genius, but that everyone has the knowledge, talent, and character to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves.

The trio behind the USD 2 billion unicorn- Unacademy

Unacademy is said to have started as Gaurav Munjal’s YouTube channel Unacademy in 2010. Munjal, Rohit Saini, and their co-founder Hemesh Singh began working on this project in the same year. After six years, the company has grown from an online educator to one of India’s largest educational technology platforms. It is made up of 18,000 expert educators who specialise in everything from business to languages and everything in between. Unacademy has been valued at USD 2 billion, which is quite impressive (around INR 14,830 crores). Through its extensive marketplace, the platform claims to have attracted more than 50 million active users. Unacademy is rated as one of the most promising tech startups in India – connecting students to educators who are experts in their respective fields. 

Setting a new benchmark for success

It’s important to remember that knowledge, talent, and character are not given to anyone at birth. Successful people have put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals in life. Learning to face a challenge without fear or anxiety, as well as making decisions that defeat your subconscious mind, is one of the first steps toward success. Instead of allowing free will and unintentional actions to rule their decision-making process, Roman Saini believed in this method for achieving success because conscious control allows a person to push their limits and fight their fears. Unacademy is now one of India’s largest online learning platforms and one of the fastest-growing ed-tech startups. 

According to Roman Saini, the first step in becoming successful is to learn how to learn. You must first prepare for a challenge before taking it on. When taking risks, one should do so with caution. It must have been difficult to leave a high-profile job, but Roman had faith in himself and his abilities. Luck plays a significant role as well. We are fortunate to have been born in a generation that has had access to knowledge in all fields. All we have to do now is work hard and prove ourselves.

The Journey of Roman Saini: https://youtu.be/q24Oi-wNtl0

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